Monday, May 30, 2016

Spring Soccer 2016 - The Vikings

We signed Savannah up for a 6 week soccer league this Spring - and we were not at all sure how it would go.  She's taken ballet since she was 3 and loves to perform, but she has expressed a lot of interest in playing a sport so we thought this would be a good start.  They practiced every Tuesday for 45 minutes and had games on Saturday mornings.  Before we started Dan took Savannah to get cleats, socks, and shin guards.  The first practice came and she was a not phased, told us "it was fine". First game came and she told us, it was ok but she didn't like that her leg was wet under her shin guard...right...she was sweating!!!   Once she got in the groove...this girl took off and loved it.  She had one game that she scored three goals and the last game of the season they put her as goalie and she blocked three goals with focus and fiercely kicked the ball back to the field of play.  

We couldn't be prouder of how focused she was and how hard she tried each practice and game.  It was neat to watch how she listened and took it all in, and in just 6 weeks showed improvement.  She was sad when the last game was over and told us promptly "I want to play soccer again".  I don't think this is the last blog post you will see about soccer.

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