Monday, May 30, 2016


Calvin is 2 years and 8 months old and is a joy and a challenge every day!  We've been told by many and found out, this kid is all boy!  He gets into and climbs on everything!  You cannot turn your back for a minute and if you do, the flower vase that was on the side table is on the ground.

Here are some sweet pictures of Cal...

Here are some more of Cal's silly side...

And here are two pictures of Cal at the zoo!  The top one is in the reptile house and the second he is talking to Calvin the goat!  Cal's favorite thing is going to the Zoo.  He talks about it all of the time and asks multiple times a week "can we go to the zoo?".   He can tell you all about the animals and what he saw and what their names are.  This boy LOVES the zoo!  At home he is always carrying around an animal..Gerard the giraffe is his current favorite.

Some other things Cal loves...
- "How do Dinosaur" books
- Ice cream
- Running
- Sleeping - he will for sure be our sleeper
- Spelling his name
- Leaning how to say "Savannah" instead of "Sanannah"
-asking "why nottttttt?"

Calvin - you make us smile and we love you!

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