Sunday, September 27, 2009

Highlights of September

We've been busy but have had so much fun in September, thought it would be good to hit the highlights.

One night when we had some time, we got out the Pasta maker and made our own home made ravioli. Dan and I both really enjoy the process and the end result is delicious. It's nice to put on some music, enjoy some good wine, and make a meal from scratch. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.

Here I am making rolling the pasta through the machine.

Our ravioli was filled with spinach and cheese.

The final result topped with one of Pat Conroy's sauce recipes from his cookbook.

We took the weekend of the 18th and went down to Destin to get in some beach time. While Atlanta was experiencing the great floods of 2009, we enjoyed some down time at the beach and loved every second of it!

One afternoon we went to Bud And Ally's for lunch, it was outside, right on the beach, and we enjoyed the delicious drinks seen below.

After lunch, we went back to the beach to enjoy a picture perfect sunset.

The Linder's love the beach....

This past weekend Brooke came for a visit to eat some good Atlanta food, go shopping, and rock out to Sugarland who were in concert here Saturday night. It was wonderful to have her here and enjoyed meals at ONE Midtown Kitchen, Nordstrom Cafe, and FLIP Burger Boutique. Dan also fixed one of his appetizer specials which was given to us by Uncle Jeff. It's prosciutto wrapped around arugula and asparagus....awesome.

Sugarland put on such a fun show last night. They sang some covers, some Sugarland classics, and some new ones I can't wait to come out on CD. It rained all day yesterday but by the time of the concert it was a perfect night. Here we are on the lawn at Verizon wireless amphitheatre.

And finally, September would not be complete without the Braves racing to the finish to see if they can make it to the post season, the Volunteers trying to survive, and the Gamecocks winning some big games and losing some they should have won!

Braves are on a big run and are 2.5 games back in the wild card. Every game this week is a must win so it will be great race. Here we are at a game a few weeks back.

Love to all from Atlanta, home of the (let's hope) postseason Braves!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Packing our bags...

that still have our "Just Married" luggage tags on them! After work tomorrow we will be heading to Destin to enjoy the beach and celebrate our 2nd Anniversary Monday! Love to All,
Mr. and Mrs. Linder

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Went back to Savannah last week to help at the Hyatt while they were in training. It was a ton of fun being back in Savannah and at the Hyatt. I was glad to be able to help and thoroughly enjoyed seeing old friends and co workers. Below is the Hyatt right next to Savannah's City Hall!

Back to work tomorrow, hoping for a normal week, here's to hoping!