Friday, July 29, 2016

2016 Pittsburgh Baseball trip in review...

This is a random post full of pictures not in order...take or leave it!  Here is the rundown so you can follow.

Thursday we drove from Atlanta to Beckley WV
Friday we drove from Beckley WV to Pittsburgh and hit the Children's Museum
Saturday morning we visited the Pittsburgh Aviary and then the game was at 4pm
Sunday we drove from Pittsburgh to Winston Salem NC where we visited the Reynolda House and Gardens
Monday we drove home!

After all the time in the car, look how excited these kids were to play!

This was so funny, Cal used the ice bucket as a cage for his toy horse...dino hats still going strong!

Cal and I with Gus the bird at the Aviary - this bird made fun noises and was a big hit!

Ballpark view...

The boys...and Roberto Clemente...

Reynolda House and  Gardens...

Looking at one of the three rivers...

 More pictures from Pittsburgh Aviary...

Glamour shots called...I'm on the way...

Love to all,
Torrey, Dan, Savannah, and Cal

Monday, July 25, 2016

Heading home!

Fun times had by all!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Funniest part of day...

These dinosaur hats we found at dollar general in some cute small town of West Virginia!

Goodnight Pittsburgh

Made it to Pittsburgh...

This is the view from our hotel room!!

Good Morning West Virginia..

Next stop- Pittsburgh!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 4th Party

Pre party pictures...

Now we're ready to party!

Abby and Savannah played Candy Land...

Landon and Savannah at the craft table..

Becky, Abby, and Kahalia drove OTP for the party!

Two Linders working the grill..

The Crine family expanded this year...we loved having Graeme at his first Fourth party!

Evangeline and Savannah having fun...

Dan, Jimmy, and Uncle Jeff

This is a good buddy of Savannah's from her class who happens to be named Daniel.  We have enjoyed getting to know Daniel and his family.  Isabella is Daniel's sister and is just as sweet as can be!

Uncle Jeff...

Anyone seen fireworks?

One of our favorite party traditions happens when the sun goes down...glow parade time!  This picture just cracks me up seeing all the adults trying to assemble the "glow" accessories!

Glow balloons...what you don't see is Lola running off screaming when the balloons popped!

Love to all,
Torrey, Dan, Savannah, and Cal

Bachlorette Watch Party Summer 2016