Monday, June 8, 2009

Linder's Touring Atlanta

A fun weekend was had by all when Jimmy, Claudette, Anna Grace, and Charlotte came to town. This is the second annual Linder visit to Atlanta and I think it was as much fun or more than last year's trip!

Here we are Saturday outside of the CNN Center, we did the tour and got to see them telecast live breaking news.

This is a shot of Grandma and her girls inside of the C of CNN!

While at the CNN center, we did some shopping at the Braves Clubhouse Store. We were lucky enough to be there when David Ross, the Braves catcher, was signing autographs. We got in line and asked to take a picture with him. He was most accommodating and we wished him luck for the season.

We got back to the house on Saturday afternoon to get ready for our dinner party. Here is Dan on the grille doing some excellent ribs.

This is the guys picture.

Thanks Jeremiah for a most delicious and pretty lemon cake!

Sunday after a french toast breakfast we took off for Turner Field. In staying loyal to Glavine, we all got a Glavine shirt, what a fun time we had being the "Glavine's" for the day! Let it be noted that Jimmy had on his Glavine shirt though he did not join us at the game, he was with us in spirit!

From the front:

From the back...

Some game shots, Anna Grace and I were posing.......

Here is Grandma and Charlotte.......

Love to all, have a good week,

Torrey and Dan Glavine......I mean Linder!

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  1. Looks like y'all had lots of fun! Thanks for letting them come visit - the girls had a blast! See you in July! Carol