Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time in Tampa

Last weekend Dan and I road tripped to Tampa to see Mom and help her pack things up for her move. In the midst of the packing, we took a break to see the Rays play the Indians. Dan and I have set a goal to see a baseball game in every stadium so this is another one checked off the list. While the stadium is not the best, it was great to have my sister Caitlin join us. We witnessed the biggest comeback in Rays history, so I guess they were lucky to have us.

Here is a funny picture of Caitlin while she was cleaning out some of her things. Who knows why she has a bandana, big red glasses, and a wig........but after a lot of work this really got us laughing!

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  1. Yes! My debut in the blog! My day has come... it was great to see you two, thanks for taking us to the game. love you