Friday, May 22, 2009

And the winner is...

Kris Allen of course! For all of you idol fans out there, I hope you enjoyed the final shows as much as we did. Dan and I hosted a Idol watching party Wednesday night and we had a great crowd and a lot of fun. Thanks to all of you Idol watchers and non Idol watchers who joined us.

Here is a picture of Jan and Madeline rocking out to Kiss.........I have loved having an Idol friend at work.........Jan, you are a great BFF.

Here is Kelly, Javona, and Sean taking in the show....and actually liking it.

And on the family front, between Mom, Dan, and I.........DAN didn't win our Idol Competition this year! The girls ruled! (Dan is currently protesting the rules...Torrey always seemed to come out with more points even though her pick did not make it to the final 3...Dan's did!!! )

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