Friday, June 30, 2017

St. George Island Florida 2017

We set out two weeks ago for our family week at the beach - this was our first visit to St. George Island and we loved everything about it - we will be back.

This is what you see coming onto St. George Island...gorgeous.

We have arrived at Casa De la Playa - a little beach bungalow RIGHT on the beach!    Look at the view from the house - kids loved to sit in these chairs for meals and look out at the water.

Beach kids...

Let's go fly a kite!!!!!!

 We had some rain  - we played lots of games...

And Cal decided he'd take Sherman the Pelican for a test run.even though we couldn't go on the beach!

Wednesday was a long and perfect beach day - you couldn't wipe the smile's off of our faces!

Dan decided Grilling by the Ocean is the way to go...

We spent one afternoon in Apalachicola - what a charming little town...with Shrimp Boats!

This was in the Dunes outside of the house -

Cheers to next year!

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