Monday, April 27, 2015

A girls get away...

Two Friday's ago I woke up at 445am and headed for the Airport...isn't it funny 445am is totally a great time of day when you are on your way to spend the weekend with your best friends?!!!  Brooke met me and we hit the ground running...did lots of shopping!  Brooke is the BEST shopper- I came out with two bags full and have gotten so many compliments on the clothes I got!

Took a break and met her parents at Elwoods Shack - the food was delicious and seeing her parents was even better.

Next stop was a visit to the Civil Rights Museum...

Sarah got in Friday nigh and we did a bit more shopping and enjoyed a delicious dinner with good girl time.

Saturday started with a long walk by the River, a trip to the Farmers Market, a really good lunch out on a patio, duck races, then we hit one of my favorite spots in Memphis - the Nail Bar where we all got a party toe!

Some time outside listening to live music at the Crawfish Festival...

And the day ended at Raiford's disco - what a cool place!  There was SO much to look at - you just weren't sure where to look so all you could do was dance!

Cheers to the best friends ever!

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