Saturday, December 6, 2014

A week of celebrating Savannah...

Thanks to Aunt Carol, Savannah had a Sophia surprise birthday lunch party when we were in Charleston over Thanksgiving.  Aunt Carol is a balloon twister and made Savannah a Sophia that was amazing!

Happy parents wondering where the last 4 years have went...

Aunt Carol, Uncle David, Anna Grace and Charlotte

Then on Wednesday we had our family party - Savannah got some help opening her gifts!

This afternoon we had a Princess party for Savannah at her dance school - words can't describe how happy our little girl was - dressed in her new Elsa dress, with all of her friends, and the dance school!
They started with making a princess castle with stickers...

Pink and purple everywhere!

Dan found a Kings Crown to wear to the party - all of the girls loved trying it on!

After the stickers, they moved into the dance studio...

And finished celebrating with cupcakes!

Group hug to say goodbye!

Savannah was blessed to have her Grandparents celebrate with her...

Love to all,
Queen Mommy, King Daddy, Princess Savannah and Prince Calvin

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