Sunday, March 30, 2014

This and that...

Walking around the house last week, I passed these on the floor and kept walking.  A few minutes later I went back and took a picture...these sweet little sneakers and slippers will be gone soon, I want to remember them now!

My spring time wreath made with Split Peas - looks nice hanging up but not sure I'd do it again...what a mess of pea's everywhere!

My first Mother's day in 2011, my thoughtful co workers got me this orchid plant.  I love that it still blooms and is just really pretty sitting in our kitchen.

My crafty friend Jackie made this bow as a headband when Savannah was born.  I finally got my act together and made it into a hair bow...I just love how it looks and have always appreciated how thoughtful this gift was knowing our love of the Braves!  Looking forward to Savannah wearing it this summer and bringing the Braves luck!

Savannah and I enjoyed this tonight for "desserk" as she says - I certainly gave her my love of chocolate!

Love to all!

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