Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finishing what we started

Shortly after Savannah was born (3 years ago), Mom gave me the idea of collecting a bunch of different S's for Savannah's wall, she saw it somewhere and I loved the idea, so I was all for it.  I began the hunt for S's. After a while I had enough collected but the thought of arranging and hanging them overwhelmed me.  So I let them sit in the closet.  Then I thought about it some more and was really ready to do it, so I moved them to the guest room, then we had guests and they were moved to the floor in my bedroom, then back to the guest get the idea.  Last week Mom and I arranged them on the floor and this weekend, Dan and I hung them in her bedroom.  They are adorable..what took us so long?!

Another silly thing hanging over my head was how I was going to display/store Savannah's hair bow's.  I won't even tell you the silly way we had them.  I saw this a few weeks ago and last weekend we just made it happen and hung it up....another very cute addition to her room and good way to display the bows.

This past August Mom and I enjoyed a lovely night shopping and going to dinner.  We went to West Elm because Mom always likes looking around there.  We saw this picture on the wall and I was ready to buy it for the kitchen window.  Turns out when I went to buy it, it's not for sale.  You have to buy the dish towel and the frame then just frame the dish towel.  Frame the dish towel?  For real?  I can't frame a dish towel.  I just had visions in my head of this being a fail.  But I bought the dish towel and the frame.  And I got them home and  put them in a bag.  And the bag sat in the dining room, then moved to a closet, and to the guest room, and back to the this sounding familiar?  Two weeks ago I just did it.  It took me all of 15 minutes and I love it.  Why why why did I wait so long?!

This project seen below was only waiting for 1 week to be you believe it.  Yes, really.  I wanted a way to organize necklaces and saw this.  Dan went out and bought the towel rack and shower curtain hooks.....hung it up and voila!  This is awesome!

So this may be the year we finish all the little things we start!

Love to all,
Torrey, Dan, Savannah, and Calvin

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