Sunday, August 4, 2013

Coming soon...

Linder family of 4!  When I first found out I was expecting baby #2, I was so excited to announce it in some creative way.  I looked at shirts for Savannah, pictures, and all sorts of things.  Turns out, I could never decide on one, so I didn't do anything!  Hence the reason, no mention of pregnancy on the blog because I was hoping to be creative.  We finally took this picture this weekend, so here I sit writing this blog at 31 weeks pregnant and finally talking about it on the blog!  Ha ha.  

I can't begin to express how blessed we feel to be expecting Baby Boy in early October.  I have been feeling well and he's growing just as he should be.  I guess I need to post a belly picture soon!  We appreciate all of our family and friends love and support more than I can say.

Love to all,
Torrey, Dan, Savannah, and baby boy Linder

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