Wednesday, October 3, 2012

22 Months old and 22 Reasons we love Savannah...

1.  She has sweet curls on the back of her head that bounce when she runs
2.  Her smile when you pick her up from school makes you forget you even went to work that day
3.  The way she says her name, it started as "Nana", went to "Bana" and now is "Abanna"
4.  She loves a bubble bath
5.  Her singing voice, "ballgame", "twinkle", and "abc's" are her favorites
6.  When she goes swimming she wears a "bathing soo doot"
7.  Her memory - can't put anything past her, always talks about how Maggie gave her a doughnut, she met Maggie once for 10 minutes!  She truly embraces meeting new people.
8.  She always wants to know where people are, "where Daddy?"  "where Mommy?"
9.  This girl loves Sesame Street, Elmo is great, Bert and Ernie are fun, but the excitement is "COUNT!"
10.  The way she counts with The Count "One - ahhh ahhh ahh"........"Two....ahhh ahhh ahh"
11.  She has grown into a little girl with a funny sense of humor and care free spirit  I hope we can always remember the sound of her giggles.
12.  Her lamb, who we've named "Lammer Jammer" is her favorite night time buddy
13.  Purple may be her favorite color so far, lot of excitement on purple
14.  She has a sweet tooth
15.  She's a lefty for sure with her Mom's distincitive jaw line and Daddy's eyes.
16.  She loves her extended family and gets excited to see and Skype with them
17.  It's always "my turn"
18.  If it's missing we hear "where go, I'll find it"......."I found it!!!!"
19.  When you ask her if she wants to do something and she doesn't, you hear "No...My fine, my good".
20.  She's starting to love her baby dolls, they always have a poopy diaper.
21.  She's determined, strong willed, and knows what she hope is she keeps those qualities to be a strong woman.
22.  "Hugs", she looks up at you with big brown eyes and says "hugs"......nothing could be sweeter.

Love and Hugs to all,
Torrey, Dan, and Abanna

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