Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dan's birthday weekend celebration!

Savannah loved all the people around and the warm weather to play outside!

Jan brought Savannah a sticker book that she really enjoyed...

Special thanks to Dan's brother David......the Surprise!  He brought his girls Anna Grace and Charlotte who showed up Saturday morning to Dan's surprise to celebrate!

Charlotte taught Savannah how to work a cell phone...

Setting up the table for the party - 40 Beer Bottles labeled 1-40 was the center piece!  This was a true family effort but looked great!

Thanks to all of our family and friends who sent post cards with 40th birthday messages for Dan.  It was special to watch him look at this for the first time and realize what it was....he was touched.

Brothers Linder!

Anna Grace and her 40 year old Uncle!

Savannah won't be able to count to 40 for a few more years!

Savannah and Evangeline had lot of fun playing!

Mr. and Mrs. Linder!

This was the toast to Dan.......I was reading facts about 1972, Dan was laughing, Savannah was texting, and David was goofing in the background!

 Happy Birthday Dan.....we love you!

Love to all,
Young Savannah, 40 year old Dan, and thankful Torrey

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