Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thomas Family comes to Atlanta

Mike, Sarah, Adeline and Evie came to visit us in Atlanta and we all went to see the Great Atlanta Braves and the Aquarium. Sarah also helped us first time parents know what we will need for our child. She said that we did not need 46inch TV. I was a little disappointed in that advice!! But other than that we got a lot of great advice and ideas. Thanks!! On a side note if Mike offers to bring some Lord Chesterfield Beer to your house pass. Tell him to keep it to himself!!

Torrey thinks that Adeline is now a Braves fan. Sorry Mike no Skyline Chili and Reds Baseball for Adeline.

Sweet Evie taking in the scene. Mike might have a Reds fan in the Family.
Adeline took a little while to get into it but she started doing the Tomahawk Chop with the rest of the fans.

Here are Evie and Sarah at Aquarium. Evie loved everything. If she could get in tanks with the fish she would have.
Adeline liked the fish too. This was her second time going with us. She had a great time. Here she is on a Sea Horse.

Her is Adeline trying to teach Dan dance moves and aerobic moves at the same time. He was very entertained.

Love To All!!

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