Thursday, April 16, 2009

I met TOM GLAVINE yesterday!

Ok, this is going to be a long one........get ready!

On Tuesday afternoon, I was working at the Front Desk and a guest came and asked me how late he could check out, he told me he was staying with the Florida Marlins and had a meeting at the stadium with Tom Glavine that got pushed back. Wait, did he mention Tom Glavine? So we got to talking and he has a marketing company and is working on a wine with Tom Glavine. I told him I had to be Tom's biggest fan most of my life! I even went on to tell him how I almost didn't get engaged since Dan wanted to pop the question on a night when Tom was pitching at 8. (Most of you know the story, Dan and I negotiated and did dinner at 6pm so I could be home for Tom's 8pm start, the game got rained out, and I got engaged). So we talk Tom, baseball, exchange business cards, and he goes on his way.

Wednesday morning, a valet parking representative came to my desk with a bottle of wine saying that this man checked out and wanted to give this to me, he said I would know what it was. It's the bottle of wine SIGNED by Tom Glavine. How much better could my day be? Here is the bottle of wine, a signed ball by my Tom, and the picture of our first meeting when I was about 13.

The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau had a lunch at the hotel yesterday and Chipper Jones was a guest of honor. Little known to the guests of the lunch, Chipper brought the entire team with him. I was trying to be professional and not think it was a huge deal that the entire Braves team was in the same building as I was. Knowing I am a huge baseball fan, our Director of Security escorted me down to the ballroom so I could be in the room with the team. I was in awe but well behaved and acted cool. And then......I spotted him. Tom was at this event. He was with Dr. Andrews all day Tues, all in the news about his shoulder, and is at this event the next day. So cool. I leave the room and think my day can't get any better.

I went to have lunch and as soon as I get to my desk, my boss Scott calls and tells me to meet him in the Regency Ballroom right away. Turns out they had some meet and greet for a select few of the lunch guests. I meet Scott and the first thing he says is "We're going to meet Tom". Wait, what, right now, was I prepared for this monumental occasion? So there we go, Scott introduces himself and then me as Tom's biggest fan. I am shaking but go on to tell Tom I almost missed my own engagement because of watching him pitch and how I've followed him for years and I think he's great. He signed a ball for me, told me it was nice to meet ME, and I walked away. It was amazing. I also went on to get a picture with Jeff Francouer and shake Chipper Jones hand.

What an incredible day. I left that ballroom walking on the clouds and wanted to scream! I will never be able to thank Scott for getting me into the room.

After a small amount of work yesterday afternoon, I mean, who could focus, we went to the game last night with all of my friends the Braves! Today was a 1210pm start and Dan and I took the day off and enjoyed a gorgeous 70 degree Atlanta day at the ballpark. Unfortunately, the team lost both games but a lot of fun was had.

Stay tuned for the picture of me and my friend Jeff, I have to get access to that picture!

Here are some pictures from last night and this afternoon, Go BRAVES!



  1. AWESOME!! I'm glad you got to meet him! I'm a huge Glavine fan as well and actually have a web site about him ( The wine bottle is pretty sweet looking. Too funny about the engagement story. Gosh, that completely sounds like something I'd do. LOL.

  2. So, when do we drink the wine ~ lol. I don't imagine that bottle will ever be opened, but let's buy a bottle next time we are together and test it out. I'm sure it is the best since Glavine is on the bottle. love you best mother in law you have!

  3. Torrey, that is awesome! I can imagine how nervous you must have been! I hope I get to meet the Tekster one day also! So happy for you! DT is laughing at us, cause we are both baseball nuts! take care and hope to see you both very soon!
    Angela & Don